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Yoga courses in Brittany

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Practice Yoga at the Hôtel de la Marine on the island of Groix!

The Hotel de la Marine, located in Le Bourg, on the island of Groix, offers an ideal setting for practicing yoga. The surrounding nature of the island, with its invigorating salty air, its green landscapes and its hiking trails, bring balance between body and mind. The hotel, on the other hand, offers indoor and outdoor facilities for a comfortable and enjoyable practice of yoga.

Practice Yoga outside, around the swimming pool of the Hotel de la Marine

You can practice yoga outside, around the outdoor swimming pool in our superb garden. This natural environment provides an ideal setting for meditation and relaxation, allowing practices to focus on their breath and reconnect with nature. The iodized air of the island of Groix, associated with the peaceful beauty of our garden, and allows a deep healing for the body and the spirit.

Practice Yoga Indoors at the hotel de la Marine

In the cool season, or for rainier days, the Hotel de la Marine offers a 40m2 activity room for practicing yoga. This parquet floor room offers a peaceful atmosphere to offer you comfortable sessions, in a soothing atmosphere.

A complete yoga stay on the island of Groix

The Hotel de la Marine is an ideal choice for a yoga stay. In addition to practicing yoga, you can enjoy our wellness area with the heated outdoor swimming pool, the hammam, the sauna and the massage chair, ideal for a thorough balance of body and mind.

Walking and cycling on the island of Groix are also recommended activities to maintain this balance. The Hôtel de la Marine thus offers you a perfect balance between body and mind!

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