Bar in Groix Bar La Marine

The Bar de la Marine, open 7 days a week in high season, is one of the centerpieces of the hotel. The buffet breakfast takes place there, so do local produce tasting and savouring a signature cocktail. Do not be shy to ask the bartender for advice, he will be happy to make the perfect cocktail according to your tastes. A warm and connected space where you might want to stay to work remotely. Here, local people and passing through guests cross paths and meet. 

Breakfast :

Breakfast is a sacred time at the Hotel de la Marine and everything is done to ensure that it is complete, balanced and very tasty, adapted to the program of your day.

The Hotel gives preference to local, organic and seasonal products. It's time to stock up on vitamins: the day can begin...

Buffet formula at €14 with, among other things:

• eggs, charcuterie and cheese

• fresh bread and pastries

• fresh and seasonal fruit

• hot drinks: tea, coffee, chocolate

• fresh fruit juice

• yoghurts 

• cereals, seeds and dried fruits to make your homemade porridges

• and, of course, unsalted and semi-salted butter, jams and honey.

Lounge bar side:

The Bar de la Marine is open 7 days a week all year round with opening times that may change depending on the season. Broadcast of matches and organization of theme, gourmet and/or musical parties, the bar will then remain open later!

On the menu of the Bar de la Marine, “tasting board” formulas of local products: charcuterie, cheeses and smoked fish, which you can accompany with a natural wine, a good whiskey or your favorite aperitif. The specialties of Groix, of course, will have pride of place.

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