Island of Groix, South Brittany Tourism

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Cultural activities in Groix: History and Heritage

The island of Groix, located in southern Brittany, has a rich and fascinating history dating back to ancient times. The first inhabitants of the island date from prehistoric times, and many archaeological remains still bear witness to it today. Over the centuries, fishing and shipping have played an important role in the island's history, with thriving ports and a powerful fishing fleet. Nowadays, Groix remains an emblematic place for lovers of nature, history and maritime traditions, which you can appreciate within the Hotel de la Marine.

The Archaeological remains of the island of Groix:

The island of Groix is home to many archaeological remains dating back to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, witnesses to the rich history of this small island located in Brittany. The most important remains include tumuli, stone alignments, menhirs and dolmens: a must for history and cultural heritage lovers! You will discover them during your hikes, and by visiting the Museum of Groix in Port-Tudy.

The religious heritage of the island of Groix:

The island of Groix offers a rich religious heritage, with its church located in Le Bourg, the Saint-Tudy church, as well as four chapels scattered across the island. The Chapelle Sainte-Anne in la Trinité is a popular place for its 18th century frescoes. The Chapelle Notre-Dame du Calme in Méné is a perfect example of Breton neo-Gothic architecture. We should not miss the Notre-Dame de Plasmanec Chapel in Locmaria and the Saint-Léonard Chapel in Quelhuit, appreciated for its peaceful setting. Unmissable walks and visits for art and history lovers!

Pen Men Lighthouse:

The Pen Men lighthouse is one of the most emblematic monuments on the island of Groix. It is located on the westernmost point of the island, and offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding area of the island. This lighthouse has played a crucial role in navigation since its construction in the 19th century, helping sailors avoid dangerous reefs and find their way to port. Not to be missed during your stay at the Hotel de la Marine!